Lamil Lamil is my website's mascot girl.
Do you like 'catgirl'?:-)

A little Japanese is used in Flash.
Even if the part cannot be read,
I think that you will understand.

lamil002002 lamil001001


If the following flash cannot read Japanese,
I expect that you are incomprehensible.

It is difficult to make it in my language ability
though I want to make these English versions.

in memoryin memory......03.15,2005
in memory
The girl came from the another world
because the machine that the boy had made had exploded!

Story & Characters
in memory intro

Fox's love storyFox's love story....09.08,2003
Fox's love story

Fox fairy(boy) and girl's painful love stories in Japanese style.

Story & Characters
001Dream that cherry blossoms showed.
005Everything was buried in the snow.
004Trees turn red.
003Meeting of moonlight night.
002Girl captured by bird cage.--The girl's introduction.(shadowgraph style)
001Fox fairy. --The Fox fiary's introduction(.shadowgraph style)

Freedom to the hand.Freedom to the hand....05.14,2003
Freedom to the hand.

Story of person who has wing and person who doesn't have it.


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